Welcome to Mongolia

Mongolia stands as a distinctive destination, blending the cultural tapestry of modern and nomadic lifestyles. Unparalleled in preserving the traditional nomadic way of life and pristine steppes, it remains exceptional. Endowed with boundless blue skies and swift horses, emblematic of the nation, Mongolia beckons. Embark on a unique, once-in-a-lifetime journey, riding these majestic steeds across untouched expanses beneath the vast azure extent.


What Sets Us Apart?

We offer reasonable prices and high-quality trips in Mongolia.

Professional Team

We deliver an authentic Mongolian experience, eschewing touristy facades. Our robust team comprises seasoned members adept at navigating the wilderness, providing unparalleled adventures to numerous enthusiasts.

Top Quality Equipment

Our expeditions explore remote, wild terrains with minimal cultural influence, demanding top-notch French and Korean gear for utmost quality and reliability. Each journey is meticulously equipped for an amazing adventure.

Totally Reliable and Safe Travel

Your safety is our top priority. Follow the guidance of our skilled guide team, and rest assured, we provide thorough safety information before and during your journey.

Varied Food

We're all set to serve you a variety of tasty Asian, European, and traditional Mongolian dishes. Just let us know if you have any special food requests, and we'll make sure to inform the restaurants and chefs in advance to accommodate your needs.

Simple and Secure Payment

We have made the way of payment easier, and safer with high protection for our customers. Payment is made exclusively by credit card on our website, via the secured payment system. You are always welcome to contact us about it for more information.

Flexible Travel Designs

Anticipate an unmatched journey surpassing all expectations! The bedrock of our seamless adventures lies in the prowess of our seasoned guides, guaranteeing extraordinary moments that defy foresight.