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Our enterprise collaborates with centrally situated hotels in Ulaanbaatar, ranging from 2 to 3 stars, ensuring both comfort and variety. These establishments offer complimentary high-speed WIFI, television, and round-the-clock security.

     You have three distinctive accommodation choices:

  • Touristic yurt camps: The epitome of comfort.
  • Guest-yurts hosted by nomadic families: Unparalleled authenticity.
  • Camping: Proximity to nature at its finest.

Touristic Yurt camps

Touristic Yurt camps, often referred to as "ger camps," epitomize the zenith of comfort within the Mongolian countryside.

Residing in traditional yurts, known as gers in Mongolia, entails a curated experience with single beds (ranging from 2 to 5 beds per yurt), petite tables, and a stove. While securing exclusive yurts may prove challenging in most camps, the likelihood of sharing accommodations with fellow travelers is high. Some camps do offer yurts with double beds, though this remains subject to availability.

Facilities such as showers, washbasins, and toilets are housed in a separate building, ensuring convenience. Additionally, a dedicated restaurant within the camp caters to your culinary needs, providing breakfast and other meals.

Guest yurts by nomadic families

Guest yurts hosted by nomadic families constitute an integral facet of our tours, featuring one night or more close to a nomadic family. This unique accommodation offers an immersive opportunity to engage with and comprehend the traditional lifestyle of nomadic herders in Mongolia.

Positioned near the family's central yurt, 2 or 3 guest yurts seamlessly integrate into the pastoral surroundings, where free-roaming horses, yaks, sheep, and goats paint an authentic pastoral picture. The guest yurts, each appointed with 4 or 5 single beds, are heated by a traditional stove, ensuring a snug repose.

Meals, a culinary journey in themselves, are served either within the family's yurt or in the open, contingent upon weather conditions. Observing the culinary prowess of the host, particularly their adept use of the central yurt stove, adds a fascinating dimension to the experience.

In consideration of your comfort, a shower tent is thoughtfully provided in proximity to the guest yurts, complete with the ingenuity of heating water on the traditional stove.


Mongolia stands as one of the few remaining countries where the freedom to camp is unrestricted. Our adventure tours navigate the most remote expanses of the nation, equipped with meticulously chosen camping gear to ensure an optimal experience amidst the wilderness. Recognizing the pivotal role that the quality of equipment plays in the success of your Mongolian journey, we exclusively employ recent camping gear that adheres to Western standards of safety and quality, guaranteeing your comfort.

All camping gear, including tents and riding equipment, undergoes scrupulous maintenance and post-trip inspections, with renewal as required.

For those seeking enhanced privacy, single tents can be provided at no additional cost for solo participants, contingent upon request before departure and subject to availability.

Our self-inflating mattresses are notably thick, prioritizing your comfort during restful moments. A spacious communal tent serves as the hub for meals and convivial gatherings, while our logistics vehicle ensures the provision of tables and chairs for picnic lunches, with exceptions made for extremely remote regions where pack horses are employed, as exemplified in Naiman Nuur Park.

Additionally, a designated "shower tent" is a fixture, with the added convenience of heating shower water on demand over a campfire. This provision extends to our "Nomadic Life Tours," acknowledging the extended duration spent with nomadic families.