We kindly inform you that your tour price doesn't include travel insurance, so we highly recommend getting full coverage from your country. Before your trip, share your insurance details and emergency contacts via email, including your insurance company's information and your relatives' phone numbers. This helps us ensure a smooth response in case of any emergencies or health issues during your journey.




Flights in Mongolia 

Be aware that very few airlines go to Mongolia, flights are therefore quickly fully booked, especially between June and September. Book at least 6 months in advance to have the best airfares. If your luggage has been delayed, the airlines do NOT deliver it in Mongolia, they keep it available in Ulan Bator. However, we can deliver it for you wherever you are if you have already started your trip.

We can do it for you at an extra cost:
– 50 € for delivery inside Ulaanbaatar
– 100 € for delivery in Khustai
– 200 € for delivery in Khugnu Khan
– 300 € for delivery in Kharkhorin, the Orkhon Valley, or Arkhangai
– 400 € for delivery at Lake Khuvsgul or in the Gobi Desert

This cost includes the driver & the vehicle for 1 or 2 days depending on the distance + fuel for the vehicle for the round trip + meals and accommodation for the driver if the roundtrip is more than 1 day.



Preparing for a Mongolian odyssey demands meticulous attention to your luggage. Upon confirmation of your chosen trip, you'll be furnished with a curated equipment list tailored to the specific demands of your journey, be it a serene trek or an exhilarating horseback adventure.

Given Mongolia's capricious weather, reminiscent of experiencing all four seasons in a single day, packing becomes an art of versatility. Lightweight garments for the warm spells, alongside cozy layers and a windbreaker for the unexpected chills, are indispensable.

For those embarking on tent camp expeditions, a personal sleeping bag is a requisite for comfort under the vast Mongolian sky.

The terrain warrants equipping yourself with:

  • Comfortable trousers conducive to hikes, treks, and pony treks.
  • Waterproof trekking shoes boasting sturdy grip soles and ankle support. Opt for seasoned footwear to avert the perils of blisters.
  • Specialized gloves tailored for the nuances of horse riding.

A prudent note: Refrain from loose rain attire like ponchos, as they possess the potential to disconcert the horses during your equestrian escapades.

Equitation helmet
Equitation boots
Equitation pants


1. You should rather take a small limp bag or a travel backpack, because it’s easier to shove them in the cars, on the horses or yaks’ back
2. Light clothes and warm clothes because the temperature range is sometimes very important (due to Mongolian fast-changing weather) from one place to the next, according to the climate and the moment of the day



The entry visa is required for many nationalities and must be obtained before departure. Check if your country has a visa exemption agreement with Mongolia, by contacting your local Embassy of Mongolia. For a Mongolian visa, you can visit and easily apply.

Travelers wishing to visit China or Russia before or after their tour in Mongolia must obtain the necessary visa from the consulate in their home country. Thus far, it is not possible to obtain a visa to enter the territories of China and Russia at the border with both countries.



Mongolia, a land of climatic extremities, experiences the full spectrum of four seasons. Summer brings warmth up to +30 degrees, while winter chills can plummet to -30 degrees. The cold breath from Siberia dominates winter, creating frigid valleys and basins, while mountain slopes enjoy milder temperatures due to temperature inversion.

This high, windy land boasts a continental climate with long, harsh winters and brief summers with most precipitation. Expect about 257 cloudless days annually, as Mongolia sits at the atmospheric pressure epicenter. Precipitation varies, with the north receiving more (200-350mm), and the south less (100-200mm). Rain, snow, wind, and abundant sun are part of the daily spectacle, sometimes all in one day. In this wilderness, anticipate wild weather, albeit a tad drier than your usual surroundings.



Payment is made obligatorily and exclusively by credit card on our website, via the secure payment system.

The financial rhythm follows a structured sequence. A mandatory 30% upfront payment is required upon booking, establishing the financial foundation for your journey. The remaining balance is due thirty days before your departure, aligning with a well-defined timeline.

In this financial journey, a detailed bill awaits delivery after the initial 30% payment or upon settling the full amount. Once your online booking reservation reaches us, the commitment solidifies, with cancellation fees looming in case of withdrawal.

If the need to cancel arises, a written notice through electronic means is crucial. The financial intricacies mirror the vast Mongolian landscapes you're set to explore—precise and captivating.

You send us the complete information, in RIB/IBAN form, about the current account where the sums must be repaid. We set up the possible repayment by bank transfer, within seven days of our receipt of the customer’s bank information. You will bear the possible transfer fees.

We set up the repayment of the sums paid after application of the following excesses :

– 30% excess on the price of the tour for any cancellation notified until 30 days before the initial scheduled departure date (+ bank transfer fees) ;

– 50% excess on the price of the tour for any cancellation notified between 29 and 7 days before the initial scheduled departure date (+bank transfer fees) ;

– 100% on the price of the tour for any cancellation notified less than 6 days before the initial scheduled departure date



We're not accountable for delays, losses, or damages to personal belongings or individuals during your stay. Passport, visa, or document issues are not within our responsibility.

Changes or cancellations due to time constraints or flight delays fall outside our purview, exempting us from associated fees. Quality of infrastructure, hygiene, telecommunications, and pipelines during your stay are not our responsibility.

Meteorological, political, or unforeseeable events like wars, unrest, external strikes, riots, or technical/administrative incidents during your stay are beyond our control.

Cancellations due to force majeure, traveler security, or administrative orders absolve us from responsibility. We reserve the right to alter dates, schedules, or itineraries for safety without provision for compensation claims.

We disclaim responsibility for the standard of medical treatments, the presence of a doctor or medically competent individual, and the availability of specific medicines.

Your well-being and health are your sole responsibility. Any claims for damages arising from accidents or illnesses during or after the stay are waived against us. Additionally, you are solely accountable for the information gathered before departure regarding recommended vaccinations and sanitary measures, as well as the utilization of such information.